Angela Willcocks – Earmagination, Power, Comic Sounds of Violence

mouth speaking into ear

As an artist and educator, Angela Willcocks’ works have often involved the people of her community. Originally from Australia, she currently makes her home in Long Beach, California, where she’s been able to draw inspiration from the diversity of the population. She works in many different mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, video and other digital media.

In this interview, Angela talks about her installations “Earmagination” “Power” and “Comic Sounds of Violence” for soundpedro 2018 at the Angels Gate Cultural Center. The three installations envelop the audience with their sounds inside a gallery space of mostly bare walls. Two video projections are the only visuals that break up the white walls. Familiar sounds from the installations have plenty of hard surfaces to bounce off and echo. The audience becomes more mindful of them and perhaps even re-imagines these sounds.

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