Stephanie Keitz – Unnatural Skins

rubber skins on wall

On a recent open studios day at the 18th Street Arts Center, we randomly walked through the studios of the visiting artists. At the 4th studio that we came to, the name card on the door read, Stephanie Keitz, Germany.

When we stepped into the studio, the first thing that struck us was the smell of rubber. The second thing was the source of the smell. Large sheets of rubber were hanging from the walls and ceiling like animal skins hung out to cure, except these skins were the color and texture of human skins. The third thing that struck us was that there were no dark skins.

There were different pieces of these rubber skins hanging in various draped and folded configurations. The most powerful ones were the pieces that were hung simply and stretched flat by their own weight, the most lifeless of the pieces.

rubber skins hanging

There is almost too much which can be said about these works, and most of what can be said will be from our own limited understanding. We actually didn’t stay long enough to talk to Ms. Keitz, but her works stuck with us.

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