Takuro Tamayama and Tiger Tateishi at Nonaka-Hill

art installation eclipse dance
Takuro Tamayama - 'Eclipse Dance'

Inside a typical LA strip mall, under a shop sign that reads “Best Cleaners”, no garments are being dry cleaned, but instead, narratives are being created. We love that Nonaka-Hill don’t take themselves too seriously, after all, a bit of levity always makes art more accessible. The gallery’s remnant signage especially enhances the mood in the current exhibition by artists Takuro Tamayama and Tiger Tateishi.

The exhibition weaves together a narrative of cosmology, evolution, civilization, and an acceptance of the inevitable. Rooms bathed in colored light forebode like the shepherd’s red sky in the morning. An intense atmosphere of red reduces a lone figure to surviving on an artificial island in a flooded field. The scene is solemn, but the title of “Eclipse Dance” suggests more liveliness than the limbless figure can manifest.

Moving into another room is like being transported to another age where the atmosphere holds different molecules that interplay with the light to give it a different color. In the icy coldness of the blue room, the world has gone topsy-turvy, as human haired mops hang from the ceiling and Mount Fuji tumbles upside down outside the window.

Stepping into the yellow room feels like entering a lost cave in the desert where sacred scrolls were hidden and forgotten. In this atmosphere of yellow, everything feels sterile, well preserved, well archived. The scrolls in the yellow cave tell the story of what happened, but the scrolls are not the only telltales. Artifacts in the other spaces also testify to our efforts.

An air of “oh well, that’s how it goes” pervades this exhibition of Takuro Tamayama and Tiger Tateishi. There is outward passivity, perhaps because of an inner optimism from knowing that we have the ability to accept and adapt.

This exhibition runs July 27 to August 31, 2019.